Stunt: Nose launch

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   In article <1993Apr5.171408.11424@das.harvard.edu> Andrew Beattie's write:
   >I also managed a Scott Augenbaugh nose launch.

   Err...  Marti,

   Could you kindly explain how to launch Scot Augenbaugh's nose?

It would be funny to launch Scott's nose...

Anyway, one of Scott's trademark moves is to nose the kite into the
ground directly down wind. He rocks it back and forth on it's nose in
time to music and then flips it over and launches it without having
either wing tip or the leading edge touch the ground. It's all a
matter of timing and touch.

   I've got no idea what the manoever is. (but I suspect that it might be what I'd
   call a ``belly launch'')

What I call a belly launch is when the kite is resting on the ground
with the nose pointing away from the flyer. A smooth and forceful tug
on the lines will cause the kite to pop off of the ground, when it can
then be turned around and flown away. This trick can only be done in
light wind.

Marty Sasaki 

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