Stunt: Turtle launch - from kite flat on its back.

     Position   the kite about 30 feet in from the right edge  of 
the  wind window,   On its  back  with the nose pointing into the 
wind.    (Much  like  a turtle  on its back)  Note:   this launch 
requires  the  kite  to  be  outfitted  with  standoffs/whiskers.   
Next,   Pull  on the left line causing  the  kite to  rotate  the 
left  tip  into the wind.    (  The kite should stay flat on  the 
ground )  As the kite rotates around the  wind will go under  the 
left  leading  edge  and  flip  the  kite over   onto  its  face.  
(bridle  side down)  The trick is to pull on the  right  line  as 
the  left  tip  is passing  through  12   o'clock  high.   It  is 
important  that  the  wind  be the force  that  raised  the  left  
leading   edge  off  the ground and not the fact  that  you   are 
pulling on the left line.  When done properly the wind will catch 
under the face of the kite before it gets to the ground and  lift 
it into the sky.

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