Length of lines

In article <bjag-100593140412@owl.ls.nwu.edu>, bjag@nwu.edu (Bharathi Jagadeesh) writes:
>What are the parameters one should use in determining the length of lines
>used for a kite? I want to shorten the lines on my kite so that I can fly
>in a smaller area, but I'm not sure about how short I can go before my kite
>becomes difficult to control/not fun to fly. What length lines to others
>normally use? Should the length depend on the size of the kite? i's
>maneuverability? I'm asking these questions before trying it out because
>lines are _expensive_.

It all depends on the flyer, the kite, and the weather. In other
words, the only way to find out is to experiment. One way to
experiment is to not cut your lines, but wind them on dual spools or
similar handles that allow you to vary the line length.

I've seem people fly stunt kites on lines from 0 (the kite was held by
the bridles) all the way up to 500 feet. The shortest that I typically
fly on is 75 feet.
Marty Sasaki 

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