Best inexpensive line for stunters

Spectra is the line of choice for serious kite fliers. It is 
smoother then Kevlar so you have more slip in the lines and it makes
it easier to fly with twists in your line. The problem with Spectra
is that it has a low melting point and if it corsses a different type
of line in flight it will be cut. 

Kevlar is about as strong as Spectra but has a much higher boiling
point. it is much more corse then spectra. and you will notice a 
very high amount of friction with only a few twists in the line. But 
it won't be cut out of the air as easily as Spectra.

Both Spectra and Kevlar MUST be Sleeved. a line can lose over 1/2
its strength at a knot. Sleeving provides a cushion for the line
and helps to increase the strength at the knot.

Sky bond is Kevlar with Dacron wraped around it. It is the most
durrable line around and Since it is Wraped in Dacron there is 
no need to Sleeve it. However its strength comes from the kevlar 
inside. so you have a lot of dead weight on the line. 

All in all I would suggest you buy Spectra if you plan to get serious
about kiteing, thats what you will most likely end up with.


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