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>One point:  I can't pull the kite in at wind speeds above ?20? mph,
>so if the wind is high, I have to find flying locations where I
>can walk the kite down.  A carabiner is useful for walking the kite
>down (just open the biner, clip over line, walk -- a strap on the
>biner makes it easier).

I got very good walk down tool from a boating shop. (Let's
see if I can explain it...). 

I bought a pulley, which can be opened on one side. When I have
the flying line in the groove (?) of the wheel, I'll close it again.
I attached a thick rope loop on the pulley, so I can hang all
my weight (:-) on it when walking towards the kite.

Compared to carabiner, the pulley needs less force, because of
practically frictionless wheel. The pulleys are available in
many sizes, buy one which can take all your weight (and some
more), so it will not be the weakest point in your landing "system".

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