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In <rockCB6unH.C0s@netcom.com> rock@netcom.com (Anne Rock) writes:

>Well, I have a similar device....mine is called a rescue pulley and
>is intended for larger diameter ropes (like climbing ropes).  The
>wheel is nylon, and now has a big grove in it where the kite line
>cut into it, rendering the wheel fairly useless as the line now just
>cuts the groove deeper.  (Patrick Prosser describes a different
>problem but same end result, useless device, in the Gloves thread.)

How many walk downs it worked? Tens, hundreds?
Does the line slide on the wheel when you use it?

>Is your pulley well-suited for smaller diameter lines?  What's the
>wheel made of?

No, the wheel width is not same "size" as my flying lines. 
The wheel is about 20 mm wide, the whole pulley weights about 400-
500 g. The wheel is non metallic, but I don't know exactly what.

Well, if the marine pulley is as useless as you and Patrick
predict, I should find it out pretty soon.  However, if I can
rescue a kite and/or avoid injuries in a "heavy" landing
situation, just once - the pulley is worth of it's price.

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