Walk down device

salanne@convex.csc.FI (Simo Salanne) writes:
>Well, if the marine pulley is as useless as you and Patrick
>predict, I should find it out pretty soon.  However, if I can
>rescue a kite and/or avoid injuries in a "heavy" landing
>situation, just once - the pulley is worth of it's price.

Don't foget that if it comes to risking like and limb, you can always
cut the line.  If flying in heavy conditions, you may care to consider
anchoring with a short length of sacrificial line that you wouldn't mind
cutting, to get the thing down.  Remember that with the line cut, a soft kite
collapses and doesn't drift as far as you might expect.  Alternatively,
it is easy to rig a control line that destroys the shape, causing the
thing to fall out of the sky.

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