Cutting the line

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>salanne@convex.csc.FI (Simo Salanne) writes:
>>Well, if the marine pulley is as useless as you and Patrick
>>predict, I should find it out pretty soon.  However, if I can
>>rescue a kite and/or avoid injuries in a "heavy" landing
>>situation, just once - the pulley is worth of it's price.

>Don't foget that if it comes to risking like and limb, you can always
>cut the line.  If flying in heavy conditions, you may care to consider
>anchoring with a short length of sacrificial line that you wouldn't mind
>cutting, to get the thing down.  Remember that with the line cut, a soft kite
>collapses and doesn't drift as far as you might expect.  Alternatively,
>it is easy to rig a control line that destroys the shape, causing the
>thing to fall out of the sky.

Well, if there is empty space. If there are people, the uncontrolled
line can be like a flying knife.

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