Cutting the line

It still hurts .... I have a 120 sq foot parafoil in Loch
Lomond, along with 300ft of line, and ground anchors. 
Cutting the line as a last resort is not a good idea, as
the line can generate enough drag such that the foil retains
some of its shape, and thus flies/travels (I know this from 
experience, we also saw the same occur in Washington with one 
of the large "show" kites, ending up miles away in a tree).

I also agree with Simo, 300ft of line dragging about is VERY
dangerous, not just because it can cut, but because someone
can get caught up in it (I believe someone was nearly killed
in the USA recently due to this, some wee girl playing with
the bridle of a parafoil). 

I tried putting a control line onto my 132 sq foot flow form.
Essentially this line was at the FRONT of the kite, and
it was intended that I could pull on this line and get the
foil to "over fly". It didn't work. However I am 100% sure that 
a line connected to (say) the bottom left hand corner of the 
trailing edge will work. I should be able to steer the kite to the
ground (I know this will work because a 1/2 inch adjustment on the
bridle, all of 10m long, on the outside keel generates a significant

Patrick get-down Prosser


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