Sport Kite Line Loop Scrunch

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[sleeve bunching]

>       Is this normal and just one of the "joys" of flying or
>can something be done? I've tought about using bee's wax on the 
>inner line. I asked a friend and he has the same problem. He uses
>two knots but the same thing happens.

Yes it's normal, yes it's annoying as all get out!

I used to have terrible problems with bunching, especially with the "skybond"
I use for sleeving (I have scads of skybond, 110# and 200# from 5 years ago
before I knew any better.  I pull out the kevlar and use the dacron for
sleeving.  (I also use it for train lines)).  At one point I had to cut
some lines so I could replace the sleeving.  It had gotten to the point where
I couldn't do anything about the sleeving.

I still have occasional problems, but it's very rare.  My current method is
to tie a single knot at the very end of the sleeving where the end of the
line pokes out.  I then use a single overhand knot to create the loop.  I've
been doing this for quite a while, and have not yet needed to unbunch any
of my lines.  Note--the general consensus seems to be that two overhand
knots for the loop are better than one, as there's less chance of the line
slipping within the sleeve.  This is probably true, and when I have enough
sleeving that I can make the second knot and still have a good-sized loop,
I usually throw it in.  I have no idea why that single knot at the very end
of the sleeve would stop the piece from bunching, but it does seem to work.


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