Sport Kite Line Scruntch

I got several responses to my inquiry regarding sport kite line scruntch.

In a nut shell, recommendations were:

1) Use a diffent knot - An overhand knot, a surgeon's knot or a figure 8 knot

2) Double the knot

3) Use smaller sleeving material

4) Stretch out the sleeving material repeatedly before knotting

5) Double the line to be sleeved before sleeving

Here is what I did and it seemed to work. PS - I did this before getting any 
replies and it incorporates several of the suggestions.

1) Used 50 lb. braided dacron for sleeving

2) Ran the flying line, typically Spectra, through bee's wax and got a good
   coating on it then ran the sleeving over it

3) Heat sealed (melted) the frayed line ends together

     ------------------     Sleeving  
-----------------------     Spectra
     ------------------     Sleeving
                      |_________   Melted together here

4) Strectched out the sleeving repeated till it was a good tight fit

5) Used an overhand knot to form the loop and pulled it really tight

PPS - The sleeving was about 9" (nine inches) in lenght.

After flying all weekend a Myrtle Beach, SC, USA, in winds that were anywhere
from a 3 to a 5 on the Beaufort (SP?) scale (15-30 mph) none of the lines
exhibited any of the dreaded scruntch.

Well, I hope that helps. Thanks to all that sent replies. I really appreciate
everbody responding.

Good winds!

The Mad Hata  

"Hey, Mon....Tako Kichi!"

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