3.7 Kites - A Practical Handbook


And yet another book I haven't read, so I can only tell what the
reviews in KiteLines and The Kiteflier said. It contains 9 stunt
kite plans (including a generic Spin-Off and a Tim Benson
Scorcher) and 11 single line plans. The layout of the book is
uneven and the text uninspiring, but it does contain a lot of
good materials. Both magazines recommend it.

Simo Salanne (May 93):

I agree that the layout is poor (in some parts) but found the
text and pictures inspiring! The chapter on 'Parachuting Fauna'
is unique and cannot be found in any other book.

Publisher    - Argus House, Boundary Way, Hemel Hempstead,
               Herts HP2 7ST, England

ISBN         -1-85486-050-X

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