3.8 Leistungsstarke Lenkdrachen zum Nachbauen


I haven't read it (yet), so once again this is based on what
Drachen Magazin wrote. It is in German, and I think the title
translates to "Powerfull Stuntkites to Make". The book has plans
for 12 kites including three soft kites, and it contains a lot of
photos: the construction of the Taifun alone is illustrated with
31 colour photos! The profile patterns for the three soft kites
are 1:1 scale. Drachen Magazin recommends it.

Bernhard Malle:

The book is divided into five sections:

1. How to sew kites, techniques, materials and so on
2. Universal Stunt Kites
3. High Speed Stunt Kites
4. Steerable Parafoils
5. Sculpture Stunt Kites

I can't say much on the stunt kites sections, because I am no
expert in stunt kites and for me it seems that the 6 different
designs are more or less only a variation of the first design.

More interesting is the chapter about steerable parafoils. The
main difference to most existing parafoils is the use of a self-
stabilising profile. This results for example in the use of only
one bridle point on each rib of the profile (usually 3 or 4 with
parafoils, 3 with the paraflex). The next difference is the use
of less ribs, that have the whole length of the profile, but in-
between the ribs there are one or two more half ribs. This should
result in less work for cutting out ribs, but nevertheless a good
profile of the kite in the forward region.

So far, so good.

But there is still the last chapter with three plans for
sculpture stunt kites. Think of the frog or the octopus by Peter
Lynn, if you don't know what is meant by sculpture kite. The most
spectacular kite of the complete book hides in the last 4 pages:
a "super-fly". I am sure most of you have already seen the
super-fly, at least on a picture, or if you have the book of Ron
Moulton and Pat Lloyd, have a look on page 68, there you can find
a drawing of the beast. Each wing has a span of 3m (9'), the tail
has a length of 15m (45')! If you consider building it yourself
(like me), first think of how you can afford about 65m(~80yds) of
ripstop...... :-)

Publisher: Otto Maier, Ravensburg

ISBN:      3-473-42286-X

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