Applique with Ripstop?

I've appliqued ripstop successfully - I think you have
to be patient and careful carrying the material between
your cutting-out/assembling area and your sewing machine.

I can't quite afford to use dry mount sprays yet so I use good 
old-fashioned sellotape which can be removed after the 
applique. Funnily enough cheap substitutes are better in this 
respect 'cos they tend to be less adhesive and are easier to get 
off afterwards. 

The only problem here is that this means that only the 
boundary of the applique pieceis attached to the main cloth 
which can lead to bubbling & uneven work- you have to be 
careful when moving the cloth under the needle. I would prefer 
dry mount 'cos it would tack down the whole surface thus 
eliminating the problem. 

In terms of a Rokkaku I made one earlier this year and the 
problem for me was the sheer bulk of cloth that had to be 
manoeuvre under the arm of the machine rather than the 
applique itself. 

Good luck!!

Clive D-T

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