Applique with Ripstop?

In article <10980@baird.cs.strath.ac.uk>, pat@cs.strath.ac.uk (Pat Prosser) writes:
|> Applique is not difficult. Generally what I do is 
|> (1) Cut out a shape I want to put on the kite surface
|> (2) Fix this onto the sail. I do this either by spraying the
|>     surfaces with water, or with spray mount (that spray on
|>     glue they use for mounting photographs on card).
|> (3) I then stitch the material to the sail
|> (4) Finally, I take a seam ripper with a "ball on the end". 
|>     They all have a "ball on the end". I then make a nick in
|>     the back of the surface and then insert the seam ripper,
|>     placing the "ball" against the seam, and zip around the
|>     seam.
|> (5) If you used spray mount, clean the surface. 
|> Easy .... but practice so that you have confidence.

For Step (2) I often just use clear tape. Works well with most 
kinds of ripstop. It holds better than water and doesn't need to 
be cleaned like spray mount. 

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