Crazy-Quilt (scrap) patchwork (was Re: kite decoration)

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jeffy@syrinx.umd.edu (Jeffrey C. Burka) writes:

>Something that ties into this, and can be used to make very effective kites,
>is what many folks call the "trashcan" look--which I usually prefer to 
>refer as "calico."  Basically, you take all those scraps that have been
>sitting around and just start sewing them together in a random, yet
>pleasing pattern.  You can either do this in a flat fell seam or like 
>an applique (overlay one piece on another, do a row or two of stitches, 
>and cut off the excess on the back).  When you've got pieces sewn together
>into a hunk of fabric big enough, just trace your kite pattern onto it
>and go from there.

I made a small parafoil this way, and it turned out pretty cool.  I then
met Bill Lockhart at the Long Beach festival, and he was flying a big
crazy-quilt rokkakku.  His system was much better than mine.

His trick was to lay the pieces flat, good sides together, and then hot cut
a straight line through both of them.  This makes sure that the pieces are
flat and the seam line is straight, and seals them together so they won't
slip on you.

Then sew a straight stitch parallel to the hot cut line, open the two pieces
out flat, and run another straight (or zigzag) line to hold the seam part
down flat (the flat fell seam Jeff mentions above).  You have to watch that
you don't create any inside corners with this, but otherwise it's pretty
easy (and fast).

 - irving -

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