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>Marty Sasaki and Bert Tanaka say that they carry windmeters in their 
>kite kitbags. Can they provide full descriptions, size; 
>availability; prices; and how these gadgets show or record the wind 
>force/speed ?  

>Marty Sasaki:
>>- Wind meter

>Bert Tanaka:
>> Wind meter.  I use a small one that hangs around my neck.

I don't know which brand Marty or Bert are using, I have
Swiss 'Skywatch', which is about 4 x 6 cm, weigths few
grams, 2-digit display, accurate enough for kite flying.
Available in many kite shops, price should be about 60-70 USD.

There are different versions of Skywatch available, depending
in which units the wind speed is shown: m/s, km/h, mph and knots (?).
No Beaufort scale - as far as I know:-)

Because it doesn't have decimal point, the m/s (which I prefer
in thinking wind speeds) resolution isn't very good; 01,02,03,04,05 etc..
That's why I have km/h version and conversion table, which gives
about 3 times better resolution. mph version should be OK, if you
are used to imperial units.

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