Why a wind meter? (was Wind Meters)

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>Date: 31 Aug 93 22:07:22 GMT

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>>Mmmmmm ... what do you want a wind meter for? Like you say, the 
>>line's that long, and the wind's this strong. I can feel the wind
>>speed, and have a good idea about what will fly, and what will be destroyed,
>>what line to use, etc. Why do I need to put a numeric value on it?

>Good point Patrick. I suppose that is one of the reasons I've never
>bothered to "invest" (blow some money actually that I wouldn't blow
>somewhere else) on a wind meter. I have always wanted one however.

>Just a matter of time...And some spare change!

Not that I would know, but ...

>From what I've seen posted by Ron, Marty, Jeff, and other flyers-in-the-know, 
it seems that 5MPH in any direction could make a difference in the 
performance and flight characteristics. While you might not break anything, or 
have any trouble flying due to your experience, you might not be tuned 
(whatever that means to *you*!) for best flight performance. That is when a 
meter would seem helpful. Especially if flying in gusty wind.

Suggestions and corrections (and even flames if they aren't too hot! <G>)
are welcome!

(BTW, I don't have a meter yet myself... cost is definitely a downside!)


Wes Voss

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