Wind Meters

>Subj:  Wind Meters
>Marty Sasaki and Bert Tanaka say that they carry windmeters in their 
>kite kitbags. Can they provide full descriptions, size; 
>availability; prices; and how these gadgets show or record the wind 
>force/speed ?  
>Colin Douthwaite

Sure, Colin.  I use the same one Simo uses, the Skywatch.  About 
$60-70US. Fairly accurate. I did tests against a very expensive
and more accurate one, and found it to be abut 1mph slow at low winds.
So, I just add that to my reading.  So far its proven to be quite 
durable and invaluable to help select the proper kite, especially
for competitions where those types of errors can really hurt.

Just for the record: I use Bondini crazy glue because it sets up with
not too quick a time, and has an excellent recapable (twist type)
container. Coppertone sun block, spf 45, because it stays on all day,
protects uva and uvb, is water proof and has a moisterizer in it.
Sharpie marking pencil - makes a fine line. A Bic type disposal
lighter - because they don't leak. Snap-On needle nose for knots
because the nose won't bend, and lines up perfectly. A Stanley
6 foot tape measure - because it doesn't bind. I buy philip screwdrivers
to use as stakes - the handles are brightly marked, don't hurt my hands
putting them in, and you can select blade size and length to match
whatever you're flying over.  I have no connection to any of these

Good winds,
Bert Tanaka
West Covina, California

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