Wind Meters

In article <25l17r$a1l@kelvin-02.cs.strath.ac.uk> pat@cs.strath.ac.uk (Patrick Prosser) writes:
>Mmmmmm ... what do you want a wind meter for? Like you say, the 
>line's that long, and the wind's this strong. I can feel the wind
>speed, and have a good idea about what will fly, and what will be destroyed,
>what line to use, etc. Why do I need to put a numeric value on it?

Good point Patrick. I suppose that is one of the reasons I've never
bothered to "invest" (blow some money actually that I wouldn't blow
somewhere else) on a wind meter. I have always wanted one however.

Just a matter of time...And some spare change!

Steve Cseplo                       |A|               The Mad Hata

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